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Confined Space Training Services

Our enclosed trailer acts as a simulator allowing us to provide hands on training in both horizontal and vertical confined spaces.  The trailer has a guard railed deck on top with 2 manholes installed in the roof which allows employees to be lowered into and work into an open tank, a manhole, horizontal crawl tube and a narrow crawl space of simulated work areas. OSHA requires that employees receive training in the ability to recognize and avoid hazards associated with confined spaces and we do this by classroom training and hands on simulation.

With the confined space simulator, your employees are not only trained to comply with OSHA but also trained in how to use all of the equipment. We carry all of the common equipment used in all confined space entries and rescues.  Your people will benefit from the demonstrations and discussions of this equipment as well as the opportunity to use it in the trainings.

The benefits of using us...

  • Hands on training, with your workers, to practice in a safe confined space before entering your actual areas.
  • Instructors are Fire Fighters who also work as Safety Directors offering many years of experience.
  • Training meets and exceeds the OSHA requirements.
  • Participants have the ability to enter, monitor and supervise a simulated entry as well as using the equipment and working through the different roles and responsibilities.

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